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Dutch Tulip Crate Inspiration

The vintage Dutch Tulip Crate is an antique find- no two crates are exactly the same. Although they're beautiful, it can be daunting to figure out how to work a vintage item like this into your space. We recognized this, so we headed out to Joanna's Farmhouse to see a few ways you could style them in multiple areas of your home!
Stack them up and turn them into a side table with storage in between each crate.
Put one at the end of your bed to store books and add dimension to your bedroom!
Display party supplies inside to keep everything in one easy place.

Add one to your coffee table to display magazines, candles, and any decorative odds and ends.

Use one as seen here for stacking up plates and glasses for your family gatherings.

Put one in your garden or greenhouse to store and display your gardening supplies.


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